Les Cadeaux

Some of the things I got & gave this Christmas…

Cavallini & co. make real good quality stationary with illustrative designs, old collage style. It feels old but it’s new, uncreased, it doesn’t disintegrate between fingers. At After Noah I found the bird’s nest calendar and the sticky notes…

At Fortnum & Mason’s confectionery hall, every packaging design is so distinguished, so superb, that it’s hard not to choke for all the gasping that ensues. I prowled the shelves for some time and eventually settled on a jar of Old English Hunt Orange Marmalade for Mama. Pearlfisher are responsible for many of Fortnum & Mason’s elegant labels, jars and tins of tea.

If you have the time to visit F&M before the end of the season, you must peer in at the windows and see the Christmas swan displays.

My Mama bought this tray for us:

The designers Ibride have an amazing collection of completely original home accessories and the most imaginative furniture. Their website reflects the sophistication of their design, and if it weren’t for extreme prices, I’d love to own it all.


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