Sibosiso Rabbit

Andrew and I bought each other a psychotic acid rabbit. He is the Sibosiso Rabbit and he comes from Mpumalanga, South Africa, but that’s all the information he’s willing to share.

There is a mild panic on the 31st of December. And as I write this an alarm is going off somewhere in the building. It’s the last day of the year and in the vein of leaving the house for a long trip, I wonder if I did everything I was supposed to do and am I ready for the next stage? I’m trying to learn not to look back so much and that’s why it’s important to leave 2009 behind in tidy neat piles so as not to catch sight of the mess from the corner of my eye and swing back to fully face the past. I was on a long trip throughout December, and having just returned, I still have some of November to clean up.

… So goodbye 2009, and goodbye MJ


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