I’m gathering for the winter, a collection of other people’s treasure.
In magpie style, except it’s all here for you to see.
I’m an illustrator, I enjoy looking at things.


10 responses to “About

  1. Robin Gibbs

    Its amazing. Thanks for letting me into your world!
    I will spend more time.
    Love Rob

  2. andrew

    Wow.. Look at you…x

  3. Magnolia

    I am an art aficionado and I love the strange and beautiful things that make you think and feel and tingle those little inactive parts of your brain. And your animation is just the type that does that for me! Really like your work and will keep my eyes on it. Take care:)

  4. ag

    love your illustrations 🙂 i saw them on bat for lashes t-shirts and i left you a comment on blogspot 😀 than i realized that you don’t write there any more.. heh 🙂
    so i asked you there: are from poland? 🙂

  5. really beautiful illustrations!

  6. Zdeňka

    Your blog is pure inspiration! Thank You… 🙂

  7. I’ve fallen in love with your artwork!:) So inspiring!

  8. Hannah

    Hello! I came across your swan image and was inspired to draw something similar. I wanted to post it on social media but wanted to get your permission and make sure I gave you credit.

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