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2014 is a big year of weddings in my circles. I’ve just returned from the wedding of my sister-in-law, who celebrated on a beautiful hillside in Mpumalanga, South Africa. These are the Save the Date cards and invitations I designed for Sarah and Harshil.

S and H Invitation CBW Invitation Sample

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Hackney Cut

Last year I moved my studio back home and set up in the corner of a room overlooking the River Lea and Hackney Cut. With one of the finest views in east London I quickly set to work on this illustration. The project began with taking photos of the activity on the towpath and sketching the most frequent passers. Some of my favourites are the swans and cormorant who have a strong contrast but co-exist happily, often cosying up by the weir; the shaggy black dog who walks past every day and seems so joyful to be outdoors that it always makes me smile to see him; and the great swaying plane trees who watch over everyone.

The illustration follows the style of the Picton Pattern, except its current format benefits from the inky texture of the gouache paint. A few weeks ago photographer Jørn Tomter visited me to document the progress of the painting for I Love Chatsworth Road.

I also couldn’t help turning this illustration into a pattern as it lends itself well to a repeat. I hope to see it as a wallpaper eventually.

 Zosienka Hackney Cut IllustrationZosienka Hackney Cut Pattern


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A Happy Accident

I’ve been working on a lot of patterns lately. Today I finished a design inspired by the beautiful scenery in ‘Les Revenants’, a french drama about a mountain town beside the resevoir. The Happy Accident is a double layer landscape watercolour painting. The image was developed to the soundtrack by Mogwai. Below are the stages of the process so you can see how the Happy Accident came to be…



Zosienka The originalZosienka the PatternZosienka The Happy AccidentThe Happy Accident Detail

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Sarah Burwash

I was introduced to the dainty illustrations of previous Spark Box Studio resident Sarah Burwash. I particularly admire her subject matter and colour palette. Ceramics… you’re next on my list!

Sarah Burwash Ceramic Spoons Sarah Burwash.2012.PathsAndThingscapesSarah Burwash tender temper_950Sarah Burwash.2012.ilay.

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Pattern Inspiration

Prince Edward County was a great inspiration for my pattern projects. I came across some specimens that I hadn’t before encountered. Others were familiar, though I’d never had the time to study them as closely. I collected seeds and leaves and grasses, and blinked snapshots of the animals to memory for later sketches. These discoveries accumulated in my sketch book and then dispersed into a new series of patterns (still in development).

Zosienka Photos InspirationZosienka Sketches InspirationZosienka Picton PatternZosienka Cow Parsley PatternZosienka Poison Sumac

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Lara Hawthorne

Some weeks ago I came across a display of illustrations by the students from Falmouth University. I picked up a number of business cards and secretly longed to be a seaside student myself. Among my favourite sights that afternoon were drawings by Lara Hawthorne: mischievous animals, just the way I love them.

Lara Hawthorne Creatures Lara Hawthorne Lara Hawthorne Owlman Lara Hawthorne Palm Wine Drinkard

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Hanging Gardens

A watercolour illustration. Those plants that hang from the ceiling could form a whole jungle. Or a salad. Suspended grazing.Salad Ceiling Web


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