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Hackney Town Hall All Year Long

I used my old Hackney Town Hall illustrations to learn how to make a GIF.


(Doff of the cap to Miss Holly Wales.)


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Dan Ojari

I met Dan Ojari when he interned for our short film ‘Butter Mouth‘ in 2009. He left us one day to start an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art and has since won successive awards for his incredible film ‘Slow Derek’.

Slow DerekSlow Derek Dan Ojari SnailSlow Derek Dan Ojari

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Bear Rug

Another spiky seed: I saw this wonderful ad for Canal + by Matthijs van Heijnningen…

It makes me think of my husband Andrew, the director, whom I call ‘Bear’.


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So, “Where the Wild Things Are” is still a lingering notion of intrigue for me as the London screenings sailed through while I was away. I’ve heard a mixture of good and bad reviews, and for sure there was dreary silence after the transmission in comparison to the excited whisperings before hand.

Whatever the outcome of the motion picture, however, we must still appreciate all it has inspired. For example the many illustration entries for the Little White Lies Magazine front cover competition. (Geoff McFetridge made the cover)

My favourites include these…

Emily Twomey

Lesley Barnes

Ben Mills

Matthew Lyons


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Ride, Rise, Roar

Here comes David Byrne, doing something great again. This time it has, in a sense, already been done, but now there is a documentary taking shape to show us what we might have missed.

Ride, Rise, Roar is a concert film directed by David Hillman Curtis, documenting the creative process that became 2008’s ‘The Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno” tour.

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of the new Alice In Wonderland, after which I booked a seat at the BFI IMAX!

(select full screen)

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Igor Kovalyov

Igor Kovalyov is a Ukrainian illustrator and the co-founder of Moscow’s Pilot Animation School. He has had a strong presence in Hollywood also, working with Klasky Csupo Inc.

His work varies from grotesque and obscure in early works such as ‘His Wife is a Chicken‘, to the slick and colourful ‘Rugrats’ collaboration with Klasky Csupo.

Lev Moross, 2003

Still, there is a consistency in the drawings featured in his portfolio, and these i find very interesting. Lev Moross caught my attention because of his pince-nez, but I particularly like the pronounced cloud of cigarette smoke, peering out from behind the man’s head.

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