Kirikí Press

One of my favourite discoveries in Prince Edward County was the little shop Kokito. Chrissy took us out for a surprise visit to the town of Bloomfield where we became firmly glued to the inside of Kokito until every object had been handled and admired. I had a hard time choosing from a range of embroidery doll kits by Kirikí Press, but eventually picked the little red fox. Kirikí Press is an independent design company run by Toronto-based printmaker Michelle Galletta. The kits are handcrafted and neatly packaged: screen printed animals on cotton with markings for embroidery, accompanied by concise instructions, stuffing and coloured thread. I had the good fortune to meet the maker in London last weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair too. You can find all the embroidery kits on the Kirikí  shop here.

Kirikí DollsKirikí KitsKiriki Fox KitKiriki Bear Kit


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