Nicole Duennebier

Naturally, science and technology influences contemporary painters, but these paintings by Nicole Duennebier make the connection all the more distinct. In the style of 16th Century Dutch still life painting, Duennebier draws on an interest in sea life and her research into the coastal ecosystems of Maine to create these dramatic depictions of peculiar living organisms.

In my painting I want to create the ‘inexplicably overwhelming.’ The depiction of the growing mass is my best archetype for this experience. Through putrefaction or fecundity the complicated form of the mass adds to itself and spills forward. The mass operates intractably in the dark, grows beyond its recognizable origin to become grotesque. There is an uneasy combination of textural pleasure and disgust in this germination. While fine white hairs of mold are delicate and beautiful they are the mark of decay and cannot be treasured.



2012 Gyre

2012 AndrewsDermoidCyst

Via The Fox is Black


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