Those of you who enjoyed the summer festivals in Europe these past few months may have seen Bat for Lashes and consequently my most recent T-shirt design.

Lilies are poignant in the upcoming record ‘The Haunted Man’. This illustration is a study of the plant and the universes housed inside each flower.



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4 responses to “Lilies

  1. Lovely! I did not immediately notice the touch of surrealism, but was pleasantly surprised! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much. My favourite images are those with a hidden secret.

  3. Zosieńka – congratulations! It’s an amazing piece of illustration. Really, I like it so much. I think I’m gonna buy myself one.

    PS Ohhh i wish i could get job with ANYTHING bfl related. She’s like my favourite person…. ok only after Carson Ellis 🙂

    • Thanks Maria, I hope you get to buy one at a concert during the European tour this year. If you happen to buy the album, my drawings are also on the inside.
      And C.E, one of the greatest!

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