As students, we’d talk for hours of starting a shop with no packaging. Paper bags, glass jars and tins. Our dream came true long after we’d forgotten it and it’s called Unpackaged. The shop currently resides on the corner of a friendly street near Angel, London.

Most of the food we consume is available there and is stored in deep square boxes. Prices by the 100g, are scrawled in chalk and additional information is posted here and there, such as the origin of the fresh free range eggs.

So you bring your own basket or boxes or bags, weigh them before refilling, then take exactly the quantity you require (one of the many benefits of packageless produce) and settle your bill at the counter.

Unpackaged, 42 Amwell Street, London, EC1R 1XT




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4 responses to “Unpackaged

  1. I love this little shop, used to pop in when I did a drawing class in Angel. I would love it if they opened one closer to me so I could do my weekly shop there…I think you should do it Zosia, I would be your number one customer!

  2. Well I believe they are moving to Dalston, so it’s a little closer… I think you should be my partner, rather than my customer Carrie, yeah! let’s do it!

  3. That’s a very interesting concept… I wonder if we have something like it here in Sydney, must do some investigating.

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