Jazmine Miles-Long

You may recall my post from long ago about the beautiful squirrel in a box. I was so enamoured with the somnolent creature, it wouldn’t leave my thoughts, and I’ve since got to know his (re)creator, Jazmine Miles-Long.

For the next two weekends, you can see the lyrical arrangements of her new taxidermy collection at Ryan Town in Columbia Road.

These restful animals stir a curious and unexpected emotion. The fact that traditional taxidermy poses animals in a stance of alertness, may startle you on first glance, but it reassures you that there is no life present and you’ve dominated the beast. Many of Jazmine’s animals are in repose, some sleep, some lie awake in tranquil contemplation, and while you yearn to feel their fur and touch their wings, a caution lingers. They could rise and scatter at any moment.


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