Well, lately it seemed I ought to make friends with GOUACHE paint. I had an old set that I’d fallen out with, badly, so I went to Cass Art (Oh! how splendid) and got a sleek new set. There have been a couple of awkward moments so far, a misunderstanding or two, but for the most part I feel a bond forming. So begin many of the best friendships. One day, one day at a time, as DB says.

I’ve taken this medium on with a great enthusiasm. Gouache ~the freedom of watercolour AND the courage of acrylics. All I miss is the fluidity of oils, but then that’s really asking too much.

I’d looked at a few images over the past months and discovered an appreciation for the bold block colours, the ghost layers, the white on black and how softly it all came about. Among my favourite paintings were the following… (top down) Becca Stradtlander, Betsy Walton, Sam Caldwell


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  1. kat

    gauche is also my favourite!

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