Surrounding the destination

I’ve always tried to personalise letters and envelopes, and appreciate those I get which have a unique message or picture on them. (DF is good at doing those). When it was all the rage at primary school to send all 30 classmates a Christmas card, I would have to start mine in November so that I could spend enough time on each envelope decoration. This week, I’ve been working on a stamp design to save me a little time in the future. It’s a frame to run around the address and is made up of a few of my favourite things.



Filed under Illustration

4 responses to “Surrounding the destination

  1. wolfeyebrows

    I am in love with this pattern. Do you take orders?

  2. Certainly, I’ll make you one with a few of your favourite things too.

  3. Badzia

    tres charmant!

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