The Surreal House

“I announce to the world this momentous news item; a new vice has just been born, man has acquired one more source of vertigo – Surrealism, offspring of frenzy and darkness. Walk up, walk up, this is the entrance to the realms of the instantaneous, the world of the snapshot… the principle of usefulness will become foreign to all those who practice this superior vice.” – Louis Aragon, Paris Peasant, 1926

I spent an amusing evening at The Surreal House exhibition (Barbican Arts Centre) last weekend. Actually it was far more than amusing. It was an exhibition curated from almost my entire history of favourite artists, with small added doses of an education in between. Among my most adored featured works were those by Rene Magritte, Louise Bourgeois, Buster Keaton, Andrei Tarkovsy, Rebecca Horn and Jan Svankmajer.

There were two floors of surreal mazes to explore and many scattered film clips. I was introduced to the confounding junk shadow work of Noble & Webster and a stressful sitting room by Kienholz, which I think might stay with me a while. I highly recommend an afternoon in The Surreal House. It runs until mid September.


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