This is the work of Roa, a graffiti artist based in Belgium, though I can’t imagine how little time is spent there considering the expanse of Europe he has covered with his gargantuan animals.

In London, I first saw his work over corrugated shutters on Curtain Road. I regrettably never photographed it and it’s since been replaced by new scrawls. Approaching the shutters from one side you saw a giant furry rabbit and on passing it to the other side, you’d suddenly realise you were looking at his insides. Although the rabbit is lost, more Roa animals have been showing up in East London. Recently I photographed the great bird on my way to the art store off Brick Lane. He makes brilliant use of buildings as canvases, especially those that are derelict or tumbled. The scale of these works is so impressive. I cannot find any more information on his work process, but I hope to one day catch him in the act round here. And if by any chance Roa sees this post, please come and draw on my home.


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