In a maze (ment)

I spent two inspiring days in Brighton this week with my friend the bat. She explores and draws the goodness out from among the mundane. She had bought me and Andrew a beautiful deep sea green mug, but once again, I was just as in awe of the packaging as in the gift itself. The wrapping paper was designed by Emily Warren and features animals in ridiculous poses.

Now I’m searching her portfolio to give you examples of my most favourite pieces. and . I . want . to . show . you . . . . . EVERYTHING!

She has a great talent for line, but goes beyond two D and creates fantastic papier mache wall mounted heads depicting woodland & wilderness animals. These are often life size, full of detail and expression.

Oh and it doesn’t end there! Somewhere between these two mediums, Emily has found a place for paper puppet sets. Some used as scenes for album artwork, some interactive window displays and others, it seems, just for the joy of it…

Yes, hers is an extraordinary mind. Find heads at Shelf, London and Wickle, Lewes.


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