Quilts with Naleśniki

I’ve had a truly happy time looking at Quilts! with Louisianna and Emma today. We ventured to the other side of London, where the V&A is hosting a magnificent exhibition of British quilts between 1700 and the present day. I could not take my own photographs there, much as I’d have loved to, as there was a big ol’ ban on cameras. There were even motion sensor alarms going off when people’s curious fingers got too close to the fabrics on display.

There were many beautiful pieces there, I think my favourite however was right by the entrance and it looked like this…

It was a bed hanging rather than a bed cover and although I still have a whole normal quilt to finish, I think I’ll have to take on this pattern next! We each bought a little fabric to mark the occasion.

Two hours of quilt gazing later, we ended the day with the most exquisite pancakes at Gessler at Daquise



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2 responses to “Quilts with Naleśniki

  1. wolfeyebrows

    Sounds like a lovely day.

  2. Kathleen

    Oooo, that quilt is something. I like the idea of hanging a quilt around a bed.

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