New legs

A table or chair leg has the potential to be more than just a simple post, yet most furniture we come across has neglected the opportunity for experimentation.

Here, however, are two interesting ideas for a coffee table…

Yoav Avinoam recycles sawdust to create an unusual texture for the table surface. His method allows him to mold the table top around the legs, which he has fashioned into winter trees.

“By using sawdust waste from the Wood industry, as a response to the way we look at our usage and exploitation of materials in modern culture. The sawdust (taken from different kinds of woods) is being pressed with resin into a mold that already contains all of the object parts, the opportunity was exploring new ways of integration between the legs of the furniture and the sawdust through expansion of the joints, this and the way the sawdust crumbles toward the edges creates a new material esthetics to once destined to be waste material.” -YA

And this table with real legs by Designers Anonymous

Here, the designers have combined a sleek white resin surface with slaughtered mannequin legs, which can be optionally adorned with socks or shoes or a ball & chain. I enjoy it’s elegance and the possibility that it might run away.


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  1. Hey Zosia, I’m loving your blog so much. Such beautiful things!

    Seeing these tables reminded me of a Cornish furniture maker I met last year and his stand out piece which is a solid wood coffee table with footprints ‘pressed’ into the top of it…What’s really lovely though is that they are in relief on the underside too. have a look:

    Anyway, lots of love xXx

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