Il Conformista

Last weekend I went to see “The Conformist” at the NFT. It was as rainy as it is now and the South bank was covered in books and scruffy teenage skateboarders.

The Conformist, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, is set in a period of Italian history involving fascism and shifting loyalties in politics. The Conformist, Marcello Clerici, is an aggressive but weak man, swaying in the political winds of the rise and fall of Mussolini. Here, Troy Olson puts it well (stills too).

The story full of foreboding, unease, the shots beautiful and surreal in equal measure. I enjoyed it very much!



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2 responses to “Il Conformista

  1. wolfeyebrows

    The poster is beautiful.

  2. Linda

    i love the second film still

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