If you could… collaborate

Two weeks ago I spent an evening at the If You Could Collaborate Private View. Many interesting collaborations and very well curated. “If You Could” is a collaboration itself, between art directors Will Hudson and Alex Bec, who run projects such as this one, bringing together creatives worldwide.

I went to see a few of my favourite names, such as Rob Ryan and Jon Klassen, some friends of friends, and to discover some new work. One of the best pieces there was by Oliver Jeffers & Aaron Ruff, neither of whom I’d heard before, but who I am now very pleased to be acquainted with. Oliver Jeffers is a painter, object gatherer and children’s book illustrator and shares his studio with jeweller, A. Ruff, of Digby & Iona. Together they created a playful time travel piece, a child’s dream.

Also, I quite enjoyed oversize typography by Craig Ward & Sean Freeman & Alison Carmichael. The room was so crowded that night that my only hope of deciphering the lettering was from 3 inches close. So I got to know their ‘Calligraffiti’ rather well.

Thanks to If You Could for such a comprehensive website and photos


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