Vincent Gallo is just too much.

I used to look at his website often, hoping to catch a glance of something special. A Vincent Gallo happening. Then he sort of seemed to stop using it. So I forgot about it too… till today. He’s so messed up, his intentions escape me. He is selling his possessions, signed, for sums of money only a real nobody money waster could afford. For example this brown hat…

“Good Brown Hat ~ $750.00
Long ago during the legend Vincent Gallo’s early days of living in New York City he came to realize that during the fall, winter and even spring New York City is cold just like the dreaded city of Buffalo were he was from. Unlike Buffalo though, the nice folks in New York City do a lot of walking and so it is best to wear a hat outdoors. Gallo wore this hat outdoors every day for many years and has been photographed wearing it thousands of times. Recently, though, Gallo felt it was time for a new hat and thus has retired this one. Written on the side in black sharpie are the words “Good Brown.” Inside, the hat is dated for the years it did service. It is also signed by Gallo himself. “

Not that you could buy it anyway. Some sucker has already spent his dollars.

And these very beautiful stills from Buffalo 66 each for $1,500

But that’s only the beginning, there are sections in the Vincent Gallo Merchandise store covering, art, film music, posters, clothing, print, and … personal services. If anyone could afford these, I would love to know their story. Among the magazines, a signed copy of a £12 issue of Purple Fashion for $120. His sense of self worth is a valuable lesson.

I love you Vincent Gallo.



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7 responses to “V.G

  1. oh, that’s so great! …..and your blog too, by the way….

  2. badzia

    …sense of self-worth or a smart financial advisor at his service

  3. Ali

    A friend of mine met Mr. Gallo once, he was not very nice to her…

  4. Interesting how some media still pay homage to certain individuals … and deservedly so.; but what are their intentions?
    If you have time, check the following:

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