not all there

Screen printing is a process for people with long strong bendy arms and patience (or not; once you get good at it you can work it pretty fast). Those who really love it set up home screen printing studios. Once I lived next door to a hansom french man who was screen printing some wallpaper and he only had a tiny screen but the wallpaper was massive and he had built a big table to lay it all out straight. I stopped and stared at him with great admiration and then, having completely forgotten why I went there to begin with, returned home.

I screen printed a tryptich at college. I loved it, even though one of my images came out back to front. The greatest thing about it is the texture, the grainy, not-all-there image where the paint didn’t get all the way through. The proof that it’s authentic and one of a kind despite it’s repetition. It ALWAYS looks good when it’s screen printed.

At this point in my declaration of love for the printing process, I point my fingers at Chris Silas Neal, illustrator, New York.

Don’t protest. It may not relate to screen printing exactly, but the misty texture is just as pleasing. More like a xerox perhaps? At any rate, he’s a terribly good illustrator, and also  gives the time to explain the process of his projects on his website.


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