boots original beauty formula

Boots brought out a range of classic beauty products last year in celebration of it’s 160th anniversary.

In 1849, Boots opened as a herbalist shop in England and over the following generation evolved to being a household name. Florence Boot, daughter in law of the proprietor, was a strong influence in developing the decorative labels for lady’s products.

The retro packaging in the new range is designed by¬†Camilla Lillieskold, while inside the little glass bottles and pots, Boots have slightly adapted their original recipes for simplistic, natural skin care. Among the ingredients are bees wax, rose fragrance and bergamot…


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  1. DF

    Potions that arrived by horse & buggy. I would like to get hold of a few elixirs. One, to make this horrible pain in my ribs (possibly fractured) go away and another to make a certain girl realize the error of her ways. And still another to turn all yellow horse & buggies into green. And maybe one more that makes really arrogant people grow small wings that carry them into the sky never to be seen again.

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