Last Thursday was the private viewing of the Manderley Exhibition, curated by Ed Pearmann (not Eddo Pear-man). It features some brilliant works of art including prints by Ceal Warnants. Here is the press release:

Ceal Warnants

“Curated by Edd Pearman, ‘Manderley’ represents duality – the characteristic of being two-fold: Lightness with Darkness, Life and Death, the tranquil amidst the dreadful. This collection of works presents such dichotomies – each individual artist extracting a sense of beauty from the profane. August yet imposing marquetry, warningly serene photography, and magnetically hypnotic but voyeuristic video work: all initially appear to embody one intention, yet possess in equal measure, opposite qualities. Each of the artists have either studied or taught in the Printmaking Department at the Royal College of Art, London.”

The exhibition is hidden up in the beautiful project space belonging to John Jones Framers. I was so impressed with the selection of work and was most fortunate to have Ceal with me, the insider, telling all the interesting stories behind the art.

On till January 16th at:

The John Jones Project Space,
4 Morris Place, London N4 3JG.



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