Fantastic Mr. Fox

A pang of anti-climax.

I spent a nice yellow autumn day in town with some of my favourite people. Louisa and I ended the night at the Barbican at a screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox and boy was I excited. But when the lights came up my face was scowling. Something was missing. I tried to mull it over with L as we walked away. One thing was certain; the animation was astounding. Well done my friend Andy Biddle who worked on the film. The character designs were endearing and the sets delightful. The Wes Anderson atmosphere was comforting as always, and although I’m still not settled on this, I feel the disappointment lay in the animal’s behavior. It wasn’t easy to feel for Mr Fox or his friends. They didn’t appear to care for each other so neither did I. I wanted to love them, but they didn’t earn it. A bewilderment.

the fantastic mr fox


fantastic mr fox


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