One thing led to another

I’ve had one of the most exhausting weeks, and I do so like to talk about it.

I was a biscuit for five days straight.

biscuit lifestyle

Daily from eight thirty to six thirty or eight thirty again I was tackling the process of making fantastic looking biscuits for fantastically rich snackers. It was a mission to say the least and I’m thankful it was only a phase… but I am proud of my temporary team for preparing such vast quantities of delicious treats. Now,  it would just be useful if the postmen could stop striking so our customers could receive their biscuits.

So in the midst of feeling drenched in exhaustion I could barely lift a finger to write a post until tonight, reading I love muffins blog, I came across this:

heaven header

A dream bakery in Delaware County New York, called “Heaven”  When I open my restaurant (or diner or cafe) at the age of sixty, I will aspire to meet these meticulous standards of presentation and decor. The interior is so warm and welcoming with its heavy pine tables and still light with tall white chairs and super size cupboards. And the food… just look. It can’t be lying. But above all, at this stage of my aesthetic enjoyment from across the Atlantic, Heaven have created a pristine website. I’d frame it if I could.



heaven treatsheaven treats


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