If you don’t like it, get along

And so I traveled to Nog on Brick Lane and it was not there! Vintage clothing has overflowed. My magazine store just plain washed away. But all was not lost……. on the way to non-existent Nog, I stopped at Caravan on Redchurch Street, Caravandrawn to these concrete hanging bulbs and the zig zag Jielde lamp in the window. My Christmas list begins. They remained untouched, but instead I took away a beautiful deer hook.

concrete bulbdeer hook

As you see, this softened the blow of discovering the death of Nog. I went into this vintage shop to search for remains and was quickly expelled by the smell of old dead people’s clothes which always nauseates me to the core. Two vintage stores along I tried on a fur coat, and by the fifth I’d bought a brown and blue peasant skirt, so that musty deceased aroma must have made peace with my senses. Now marching forth in my new skirt i was diverted by a poster which brought me to the Field Work exhibition on Hanbury Street…


This was paradise. Please go and see it if you are in London. There is a red squirrel asleep in a hat box. I could have cried. He belongs to Jazmine Mile-Long. There are beautiful works by Lizzie Stewart, Alice Stevenson and inspiring textiles by Hinshelwood de Borman. Tomorrow is the last day. go go go!

And then, and then! I bought ANTLERS!


What a day! And now we’re off to Jade’s for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!


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