Sundays are for the little things

ducks canal

One nice thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is feed the ducks. And living by the canal + finding an old loaf of bread makes it all the easier. The harder part was finding the ducks. The water, at first glance was deserted. I kept mistaking a deflated football for a swan. Then some waterhens emerged from a neglected pipe… but they had babies with them and decided not to brave crossing the current on the bend. Further along, some good old classic ducks helped us fulfill our Sunday Afternoon dream. They flocked to our flamboyant crumb flinging and even started a fight (which wasn’t so good). Then three seagulls swooped in, so we tried to throw the crumbs high in the air and train them to catch. Only one managed, the others will need to keep practicing. Before we knew it, it was all over. We had run out of bread, and it was time to go home.

My second treat for the day,



Simply the most delicious of chocolates. Orange and Chocolate are a perfect couple. These were a gift from Mama, thank you!

I wanted to know something about the making of orangette chocolates, but instead got sidelined with an amazing blog of the same title .  Orangette is written by Molly Wizenberg who left her Phd studies unfinished, knowing her life had to pursue food in some form. She began Orangette as a portfolio of food journalism five years ago and now writes for Bon Appétit, and has published a book “A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from my kitchen table.”


She answers my pondering too…

Do you have a recipe for orangettes posted somewhere around here?

I was afraid you would ask that. I don’t. I know, right? I really should. It’s just that I’ve never felt a real need to make them. In general, I have preferred to simply eat them, and to leave their making to the pros. (I feel the same way, incidentally, about baguettes, croissants, and cheese.) But if I were to make orangettes, this is probably the first method I would try.

It’s half past nine and I’ve already had a scrumptious chorizo and potato dinner tonight so I can’t vouch for having tried any of the recipes, but her exquisite photography makes every single dish look delectable!

I even get the impression Molly might have recently opened a restaurant. This life looks too good to be true. And if it’s not enough to read about it, you can see it all too in her beautiful photography. What an inspiration.

Banana bread



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